GA4 Transition to Growth

We enrich yout data collection & provide you with new growth opportunities

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See for yourself what Google Analytics 4 is all about. It is enriched with brand new features, therefore has a lot to offer for your business. Check our detailed list of its main challenges and our answers to those in the Q&A sessions.

GA4 – How it impacts your business

Transitioning to GA4 has a direct effect on your daily business. If not done correctly, beeing in a highly competitive environment, you can eventually expect a fall in revenue. The reasons might be hidden from you, since you won’t have the right and reliable data at hand. It takes time to build this crucial capacity up.

Due to the arising privacy policy expectations and google in-house changes, it becomes more difficult to gather data in quality and quantity. At the same time GA4 let us collect, see and handle data in a different way that we got used to in Universal Analytics. To meet these new requirements, for starters, you need to complete the following steps: adjust your data collection, data analysis and reporting, to support your marketing campaigns. It is beneficiary to have an open mindset towards data-driven marketing.

Some processes need minor adjustments, others – e.g. dashboards, reports – need to be rebuild from the ground up.

Our approach – Transition to data-driven growth

We help you to become more data-centric, to build up your capacity to better analyze, understand and react to your clients needs. We create new goals and goal oriented measurements especially customized for your business. Our insights are crafted to provide you with growth opportunities. The growth ideas are tested on real client samples, the achieved and improved results will be implemented in your site.

With the right focus, we can direct your company’s traffic towards customer segments that convert better and therefore are more valuable to you. We will increase conversions and simultaneously reduce customer acquisition costs.

Our solutions can be implemented immediately with minimal configuration or development needs.

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